Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Dear Shareholders

Mr. Anavin Jiratomsiri
Chairman of Executive Committee

2016 was the year that the company started to have operation result with strong and sustainable growth, after passing hard time in 2015 due to globally-affected steel industry and dumping of steel from oversea, and it was also the period that the company need to significantly invest in business of renewable energy while not fully recognizing revenue.

In 2016, steel business started to recover from the beginning of the year due to the government’s measure to prevent the import of low-quality steel and recognition of significant revenue from business of renewable energy and to grow sustainably, because thorough the year 2016, the company could propel both steel business and energy business to expand appropriately, in parallel with investment in energy business that can create revenue as cash flow and profit at good rate continuously. This is in line with the business opportunity, widely open from support of Japanese government making the company has the revenue from electricity sales with total capacity of 13.04 Mega Watt and revenue from project development. The important point is that the investment in business of solar power plant for 2 years made the company have asset more than 11,000 million baht for the first time, and will be owner of asset that grow with accelerated rate according to investment to be increased in the near future.

In 2017, the company still determines to select good and worthy things for all stockholders, by increasing investment in solar power plants in Japan that still receive continuous support from Japanese government, with the target to sell electricity from renewable energy of 100 Mega Watt within 2019. The company also determines to devote to management of upstream-steel business, under the strong support from the government. Furthermore, the company will try to find opportunities and ways of competition and develop the business to be up-to-date in order to increase business opportunity and continuous development of the organization for the sake of all stockholders.

Lastly, the company would like to give thanks to all shareholders, employees, and business partners for supporting, standing by our side, and giving trust to our company. The company adheres to business operation with concept to create sustainability by efficient, transparent management with good governance, consideration to all related parties, and awareness of the duty to bring the company to the determined target.