Message from the Chairman

Dear Shareholders,

Pruchya Piumsomboon, Ph.D., P.E.
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Year 2016 was another year of success of Chow Steel Industries Public Company Limited that could propel the business to grow. Even though it was the period with high investment in energy business, but from the vision of management team, combined with devotion and potential of the work team to manage professionally, the company has been able to recover quickly.

In 2016, the company could recover the business of upstream steel and also gradually recognize revenue from business of renewable energy power plant, invested in 2014 – 2015, both projects in Japan and solar rooftop project in Thailand, making the operation result to grow in 2016 .

The success of the company in 2016 reflects growth according to business plan created by management which will be motivation for all directors, executive and employees to make the operation result of the company to have more success and stability, especially the expansion of solar power plant in order to sustainably increase potential and prosperity in the long run in accordance with our determination. Furthermore, the company is still looking for alternative opportunities to invest in various businesses that will help strengthen the business and the company, in order to reinforce confidence and competitiveness, which will be important step for growth of the company in the future.

Lastly, on behalf of the board of directors, I would like to give thanks to all management and employees for uniting together to fight challenges and bring success to the company, and give thanks to shareholders and business partner for trust and support for business of the company throughout the year, making it possible to achieve the vision, target, policy and to concretely reflect in operation result with clear direction of growth under concept of good governance to create maximum profit for all related parties and finally reflect concretely in operation result.