Message from the Chief Executive Officer

To all Shareholders

2015 was another year that steel industry is adversely affected by global economic slowdown. With the dumping from foreign steel companies that results in higher competition and requires closer supervision on inventory management, the entire customer base has been drew from the market and cause difficulties in the business. Nonetheless with vision of the Board of Directors and all executives that strived to select the best for Company and all shareholders as well as to generate valuable return in a long term, the Company has increased its investment in solar power business in Japan since year 2014. And in the end of year 2015 the Company started to recognize significantly income at 1,072.58 million baht and net profit at 51.63 million baht, increased by 83.51 million baht from 2014 loss of 31.88 million Baht from the initial investment phase. This helps increase the Company’s operating result in other business, recover the loss in the metal business contraction in the previous year, and contribute to the Company’s constantly growth toward 2016.

This year, the Company continues its commitment in returning positive result to all shareholders by increasing the investment in the solar power business in Japan which still receives continual support from Japanese government and can generate long term income to the Company. The Company also put its full effort in strengthening the upstream metal business which was affected by the recession.

In order to be able to compete with oversea and domestic competitors, we enhance internal management and cost control which are our strength that allows us to grow amid the unfavorable situations all along. With this method, we are able to compete in the market without reducing the quality of products and services. We also continue looking for business opportunities and possibilities to compete and develop our business to meet current situation as well as to enhance business probabilities and sustainable company development for the benefits of shareholders and employees.

Lastly, the Company would like to thank all shareholders, customers, employees, business alliances for your constant support and trust. We promise that the Company will continue to conduct the business adhering in building business sustainability with efficient and transparent management, good corporate governance, consideration on the benefits of all stakeholders, as well as the mission that will bring the Company to achieve the goals.

Mr. Anavin Jiratomsiri
Chairman of Executive Committee